PAX East 2012

In between the fun and games of PAX East, Izzy had the opportunity to meet with some beautifully decorated cos players and the creative minds behind the games at this year's Boston Indie Showcase. In this video, she interviews Pop Cannibal's Ziba Scott, creator of Girls Like Robots, Zach Gage creator of Spell Tower and a few of the cos players who attended PAX: East.


Skyrim Mods

Welcome to another video from In this video we’ll be discussing, what, at the time of making this video, we believe to be the must-have Skyrim mods for the PC. Make sure to checkout the detailed mod install guide on our website at We have also provided links to all the mods listed in this video, including the bonus mod and hacks.


PAX: East Video Recap

PAX East

PAX East is over and Izzy wants to give you the 411 on how her experience went. See what's in store and make sure to check back for more PAX footage and interviews!


Mass Effect 3 Ending

We know you haven't been able to sleep since our Mass Effect 3 review was released absence Izzy's take on the ending and the controversy surrounding it. Did it rock her soul? Does she now consider BioWare her nemesis? In this week's vlog post, she explains her thoughts and asks you to share yours.


PAX: East

If you haven't experienced Izzy excited before, you've never seen her with PAX East passes in her hands. That's right! Izzy is being unleashed on PAX East to represent VidyaGirls and further explore the world we all love: video games.


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