PAX Video Interviews | Part 3
Beans Quest and Metroid Metal


PAX East 2012

In between the fun and games of PAX East, Izzy had the opportunity to meet with some beautifully decorated cos players and the creative minds behind the games at this year’s Boston Indie Showcase. In this video, she interviews Kumobius’ Tom Greenaway to discuss the game Bean’s Quest, Grant and Kirby from the band Metroid Metal, and a few of the cos players who attended PAX: East. Watch as Izzy endangers her life by yelling “Yankees” in the middle of Boston. Just watch it. You’ll see.

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The Walking Dead Review

Izzy Arce

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  • Notturno

    I didn’t even know that Metroid Metal exist… and now a new door for videogame music awesomeness is opened! :D

    Also, I really have to check that Beans Quest game, that description sounded interesting!

    • Izzy

      OMG… Bean’s Quest is adorable.

      As for Metroid Metal, lets just say I’ve been listening to their CDs on an almost daily basis since PAX East. If you’re in the Florida area, they’ll be playing at Nerdapalooza in early August

      • Notturno

        Well, it would be great, but I kinda live in the wrong continent… :D

  • McPhearGirl

    Can we have a link to the Metroid band? :)

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