Introducing new VidyaGirls reviewer, Izzy and the Mass Effect 1 & 2 Stream to Support Child’s Play

2012 has a new reviewer, Izzy, who is a hardcore gamer and is starting this evening by playing Mass Effect 1 and 2 via live stream for Child’s Play (along with Armed Gamer). Check out Izzy’s intro video!

The stream will start at 7:00pm EST!

We’ll see you then!

Izzy Arce

Currently Playing Girls Like Robots and Lawnmower Challenge
Current Systems XBox 360 and Wii
Is looking forward to Helping to build an awesome community here at VidyaGirls, BioShock Infinite, and Garrus Vakarian asking me out on a date (He and my ME2 FemShep totally hit it off. Don’t judge!)

I’m a lifelong gamer, self-proclaimed zombologist, and harbinger of all things awesome. When I’m not busy rocking it hard as a gamer, I occupy my time by verbally assaulting my cat (with love of course) and watching the Walking Dead in effort to learn survival for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

  • HyperMouse183

    ooh a new face here! welcome :)

  • McPhearGirl

    You seem awesome already. I’ll tune into the stream and check it out. =)

  • Pikacutie

    Nice to meet ya! X)

  • Izzy

    Thank you so much for the welcome, guys! :D

  • NINtendoReznor

    You should do more of these, please!

    • Izzy

      More intros? I have a feeling if I did more of them, the charm would wear off :P

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