Gotta Review ‘Em All! Special – Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow

2012 Pokemon Special - Gotta Review 'Em All!


Hello everyone, and welcome to Gotta Review Em All, a special we are running while we launch I will review every Pokemon game there is in chronological order. How did this come about? Well, a year ago I reviewed Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow on YouTube, and the reaction was so unanimously positive I decided to move forward and do the same for all Pokemon games. After all, Pokemon is my absolute favorite franchise and a huge part of my life, so I wanted to give the series a full retrospective and analysis. Pokemon reviews so rarely come from the perspective of a fan, they’re almost always done by cynical people who don’t really understand what the fuss is about. I wanted that to change, so I decided I’d take matters into my own hands and review them myself.

Since last February, I have reviewed a good chunk of the Pokemon franchise. However, I still have a long way to go, and there will always be more Pokemon games, so I’ll probably be able to keep reviewing Pokemon games and other facets of the franchise for a long time. I’m looking forward to covering more games and to be able to review more current Pokemon games as they’re released, so I’m trying my best to catch up. For now though, enjoy the review of the three games that started it all, Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow.



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Tamashii Hiroka

Currently Playing Skyrim and Pokemon White
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I’m just a Pokemaniac that enjoys retro and obscure games. I’m also a crazy collector of Pokemon and gaming merchandise, from plushies to systems to the games themselves.

  • Yaman

    Good luck on the new site! I’ll check out the new stuff as it comes in.

  • sibo

    I love the special’s name.

  • Cody

    Sort of random… but you would definitely be my dream girl. Beautiful, AND you love pokemon? Aww man..

  • Max

    cool i like pokemon vids

  • McDeadMooseBones

    Looking forward to the next one. GL!

  • Griffin144

    I liked your reviews so much that I had to grab some old game to make me happy, but sadly my crystal memory drive is broken. I got to slowpoke well >.

    • Tamashii Hiroka

      I remember once I left my GameBoy on the charger for weeks so I could play Silver again. I got to Ecruteak before I eventually figured it was a waste of electricity to leave it on all the time. It actually didn’t delete my save right away after that though, I was surprised :)

  • Griffin144

    Whoops that’s game, I hate my IPad -.-

    • VidyaGirls

      NP, I edited it as intended. We should have a feature soon which lets registered people edit their comments. =)

  • outgum

    Fantastic review! I love pokemon so much. It’s my nostalgic memory base for my life. Grew up with it, One of my first consoles besides my SEGA Megadrive, OOOOOHHH YEAH. Still have my black and white gameboy chilling out with me somewhere! What was your first pokemon game you got? I remember getting Pokemon green from my uncle who lived in Japan, said it was the latest craze and sent it over. I played it, not understanding a single word of course :/ and got to a certain point but then couldnt move on due to lack of not knowing what to do LOL. Then Pokemon blue got localised and I was like! DAAAAAMN. Playing this. and have loved it ever since haha

    • Tamashii

      My first Pokemon game was Pokemon Pinball actually, and there’s a review of it up on this very site if you’d like to take a look. Don’t worry, I couldn’t read when I first played Red version either, I was six and slow learning to read, so I didn’t even know how to save the game so I played up until Pewter City over and over and over again. I think I could make it to Fuschia City in one go before I finally learned what “SAVE” on the menu did.

  • BoredGirl

    LOL that kid was catching the Pokemon with his pants! Was that Drake bell? :O

  • click here

    Can you message me with some hints & tips on how you made your website look like this , I would be appreciative!

  • Derik

    I really enjoy and admire all your work and all your reviews I was wondering if you could rate from 1to 10 on the GameCube what would you say

  • Derik

    Miss Tamashii this is derik from before I have one question are you american and from which state ? I’m from missouri

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