Gotta Review ‘Em All! | Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald Review

2012 Pokemon Special - Gotta Review 'Em All!

Though most Pokemon fans would agree that the first two generations of games are masterpieces, there isn’t as unanimous an opinion when it comes to the third generation. Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, the series’ first steps into 32-bit gaming, are known as the games that divided the fan base. So where does Tamashii stand on this divisive issue? Keep watching to find out!

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Tamashii Hiroka

Currently Playing Skyrim and Pokemon White
Current Systems PS3, XBox 360, Wii and 3DS
Is looking forward to Pokemon Black 2 & White 2, Animal Crossing 3DS

I’m just a Pokemaniac that enjoys retro and obscure games. I’m also a crazy collector of Pokemon and gaming merchandise, from plushies to systems to the games themselves.

  • McPhearGirl

    Another great vid. This game was pretty hard compared to the others.

    • VidyaGirls

      Thank you. =)

  • HyperMouse183

    so i herd u liek mudkipz

  • Eevie

    Ruby was my first Pokemon game. Starting in a region I’d never heard of and catching and training Pokemon I’d never seen before was just awesome. The anime may have opened the door to me as a child, but RSE helped me walk through it. Gen 3 will always have a special place in my heart.

    • VidyaGirls

      Same here! :)

    • angel

      ruby was my first game too!!

  • Guadalajarian

    I like scrotum. Anyways, nice review as always Tamashii! :)

    • Guadalajarian

      God damn it, please remove this comment LOL

    • Guadalajarian

      I see what you did there. ^

      I applaud thee, master troll.

  • Guadalajarian

    4:30 forever alone! Haha Jk jk

  • Holly

    Love that you played vs. Pikachu! :)

  • sibo

    <3 that banner art. Great videos too.

  • Tom

    Great Review, pokemon sapphire was my first real pokemon gamme so the fact that you could not import old pokemon did not effect me. Pokemon R/S/E will always hold a big chunk of my heart and compete for favorite region of pokemon!

  • Alice White

    You mentioned that the Gameboy Advance Pokemon games are “32-bit” and I’d like to ask what you mean by this? If you mean that the ARM processor inside the machine is a 32-bit architecture, that’s correct. If you meant the color depth, actually the GBA was 16-bit (with only 512 displayed at any one time if sprites are shows; and almost the full gamut if only a single bitmap is shown.)

    Just asking, thanks.

    • Tamashii

      Hey Alice!

      I just meant that the ARM processor was 32-bit. Its graphical capabilities are more similar to that of 32-bit games than 16-bit, so that’s what I went by. I’m not a hardware expert by any means though, so if I was incorrect go easy on me :)

  • PikaPika

    I love your reviews, you always have an interesting perspective of pokemon games. Fire red was my first game, I’m not old enough to go back to the red/blue/yellow/green/gold/silver but it didn’t stop me from playing them :D Sadly, I never battled a real person on the old games so I missed a lot of features on those games, I did battle my sister on the gameboy sp, which was the only console I had before the ds. I did play blue, yellow and silver after finishing Pokemon Fire red and loved Pokemon more and more. I was wondering which Pokemon game would be your favorite?

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