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2012 Pokemon Special - Gotta Review 'Em All!

Out of all the main series of Pokemon games, only one was never released in America. Pokemon Green Version has been a mystery to American players for years, and because of this, it’s the most speculated over and misunderstood Pokemon game to date. Many a curious fan has Googled this game hoping to find out more about it, but unfortunately not all of the information available online is true. How can you tell the fact from the fiction? Tamashii is here with a legitimate copy of Pokemon Green to set the record straight. If you’ve ever been curious about regional differences, available Pokemon, or glitches, has the scoop!

Thanks for watching and commenting! <3

Tamashii Hiroka

Currently Playing Skyrim and Pokemon White
Current Systems PS3, XBox 360, Wii and 3DS
Is looking forward to Pokemon Black 2 & White 2, Animal Crossing 3DS

I’m just a Pokemaniac that enjoys retro and obscure games. I’m also a crazy collector of Pokemon and gaming merchandise, from plushies to systems to the games themselves.

  • Wooooohoooo

    Awesome vid! Very interesting…

  • McPhearGirl

    Thank you! This was awesome!

  • Domikins

    Nice, dad got me this in Japan.

  • Pikacutie

    Awesome! I only have Yellow, sadly. D: (And the American version at that, haha)

  • sibo

    Was it called Pokemon: Green Leaf or Leaf Green in Japan?

    • McPhearGirl

      I think it was just “Pokemon: Green”…

    • Tamashii

      It’s just Pokemon Green :) Pokemon Leaf Green is a different game, for the GameBoy Advance. I’ll be reviewing it soon, so stay tuned!

      • Justin

        You are both wrong.

        It was called Pocket Monsters Green!

  • BroccoliBeef

    Hey Tamashii,

    I haven’t played a Pokemon game in about 5 years and I’ve recently had the urge to play again. I’ve played through Red/Blue/Yellow and Sapphire. What game would you recommend I start with? Also, here’s another site I think you might find interesting and possibly write a review on ( It’s a browser based pokemon battle game and it’s basically the reason I got the urge to play again after all these years.

    • Tamashii

      Hmm well, what better place to start than at the beginning! Red was my first main series game, so that’s my recommendation for you. As for the browser based game, I don’t think I’ll be reviewing unofficial stuff like that (just because there’s so much of it, it’s overwhelming, and people can get really offended if they see me say bad things about it.) However, I will keep the Pokemon reviews coming!

  • Guadalajarian

    I got a bootleg pokemon green from a friend, the translation is way off. It’s quite funny actually. Wish I could buy the real thing, but the price is TOO DAMN HIGH. like 150 bucks on ebay.

    • Tamashii

      $150? Where are you looking? I got my copy not that long ago for just $45 on eBay!

      • Guadalajarian

        Cheapest I found was $98. The used ones are cheaper but I don’t want a used one because of the issues with the save battery

  • PikaPika

    I love the reviews! :D <3 Do you think they'll make another remake for the updated 3DS or DS? That would be awesome <3

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