Gotta Review ‘Em All! | Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal Review

2012 Pokemon Special - Gotta Review 'Em All!

After the outrageous success of the first generation of Pokemon games, Game Freak kept up the momentum by releasing Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal in 2000. Many consider the metal generation the absolute best in Pokemon history, because they’re the only Pokemon games to date to have two regions to explore (aside from the recent remakes) , and they included tons of great innovations to keep the series fresh and interesting. Does Tamashii agree? Watching the review to find out!

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Tamashii Hiroka

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I’m just a Pokemaniac that enjoys retro and obscure games. I’m also a crazy collector of Pokemon and gaming merchandise, from plushies to systems to the games themselves.

  • Rob

    Originally there was a Safari Zone planned for GSC too, but because of the Glitch City in the first games they took it out at the last minute. It wasn’t finished, but its still accessible by hacking and moving the warp over a working door tile. No Pokemon appear there, but I wonder which ones would if it were finished? Were some Pokemon that appeared in the wild in Johto supposed to be rarer than they ended up being? Were there supposed to be several more Pokemon than we got? I really wonder, maybe one of them would be the missing link between Marowak and Kangaskhan!

    • jaojiha

      i usually hate fan theories, but i do like the idea of marowak and kangaskhan being related somehow. marowak is cubones mother, kangaskhan has a baby, it makes sense. kangaskahn is also pretty neglected its one of the only pokemon from the first gen without any evolutions even after 5 gens.

      • McPhearGirl

        Kangaskahn is neglected? Not as bad as Farfetch’d, that thing sucks and could really be helped by an evolution.

      • Justin

        While Kangaskhan is not necessarily the best pokemon in the world, it is certainly fine as is and plenty viable in a battling enviornment. If anything, a pre-evolution would be needed after all this time…for obvious reasons.

        As McPhearGirl stated, Farfetch’d is far more neglected. Not only is it arguably the worst pokemon from first gen, it has gotten progressively shittier over the years. How?

        Because almost every gen, guess what they add? A better choice. Swellow, Staravia, etc. Even without these there were TONS of better choices besides him.

        One could argue he gets a unique item, but in all practicality, the stick is about as useful as…an actual stick. No, wait, an actual stick is more useful, because Farfetch’d getting a 10 percent something boost to critical hits with his mediocre movepool and stats is borderline insulting.

  • Wooooohoooo

    Another great vidya.. er.. video!

  • Pikacutie

    Awesome review! I must say that you inspire me to become a game reviewer X)

    • Tamashii

      Good luck in your endeavors! :)

  • Yaman

    Pika Pika!

  • Chino

    Cool website, I hope it turns out to be a big success. I wish I still had time to watch tv and play video games like when I was a kid. I remember spending hours playing pokemon. Your videos bring back really good memories, thank you!

  • GreenWheaties

    Awesome review, I found the channel on YouTube recently and this video gave me some info on Crystal that I didn’t know about before. Even though its an old game, I’ll look to pick it up if I can find it. I hope to see more in the future.

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