E3 2012 – Pre-Show Coverage


VidyaGirls.com is covering this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo by posting daily summaries, with links to major the announcements.

Today’s pre-show briefing announcements are:


The Wii U controller won’t suck!

(Actually, the Pro Controller looks pretty awesome.)

Wii U Pro Controller

Nintendo’s Pre-E3 Video


Microsoft created buzz for Smart Glass should allow users to control their consoles from mobile devices, as well as stream content from mobile devices to the Xbox 360.

Daniel Kaszor was rocking the coverage and gathered these upcoming releases, with notes, for the Xbox 360:

Halo 4
- Story will have old and new enemies.
- Master Chief has to save a crashed Earth ship from the forerunners.
- Will have “smart glass” integration with tablets and mobile phones.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist
- More action oriented.
- Will have Kinect integration to call in airstrikes or to distract guards.

- Kinect to change formations
- Real-life swears get penalties.

Madden 13
- Kinect to call plays on offence and defense
- Integrated with “smart glass” tablet and mobile

Forza Horizon
- More focus on off-road and street races
- Coming October 23

- Full live ESPN programming coming to Xbox

XBOX music
- Similar to Rdio, Spotify
- Works on Xbox, Windows 8, Mobile and Tablets

- Virtual trainer factors into gamified running and training
- Will integrate into a full community of Xbox Live and Nike+

Smart Glass
- Use tablets and mobile phones in conjunction with things on screen

Tomb Raider
- Downloadable content coming first to Xbox 360

New IP from the show
- Ascend New Gods (Like God of War)
- Loco Cycle (very little information on this)
- Matter by Gore Verbinski

Resident Evil 6
- More action oriented than before
- Many quick-time events

South Park: The Stick of Truth RPG
- Took a long time to get the crappy look
- You play as a self created South Park avatar

Dance Central 3
- Usher involved in dance choreography

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
- Will have exclusive timed content for Xbox
- Based around the idea of near future drone warfare and those drones getting hacked

You can check out the rest of his coverage here.


Sony has announced that several games will now be free-to-play.

These Include
Bullet Run
Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures
Vanguard Saga of Heroes
Wizardry Online

Coming Soon:
E3 2012 – Day 1
AnimeNEXT Convention Coverage

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    The controller looks good. I think they improved upon the xbox360 design.

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