E3 2012 | Day 3 Coverage


VidyaGirls.com is covering this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. With our last E3 entry we give you the mobile games to watch out for and a slight scandal.

Mobile Games

Reign of Amira – Snapdragon – Coming 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man – Gameloft – Coming Summer 2012

Sorry, no awesome videos for this one. ;(

Infinity Blade: Dungeons – Epic Games – Coming 2012

Dead Trigger – Madfinger Games – Coming Summer 2012

h4 style=”margin-top:40px; margin-bottom:40px;”>A little scandal…

RockPaperShotgun reports that over 90% of the console versions for multi-platform games were demo’d on PCs. These PCs were hidden away with console-specific controllers connected to them to give the illusion to the player that they were playing the console version of the game.

It’s been done before, hell, it’s the norm at these shows now, but it is still a bit shady.


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    I’m not sure if I like that they “pretend” PCs are xbox360s…

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