E3 2012 | Day 2 Coverage


VidyaGirls.com is covering this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo by posting daily summaries, with links to major the announcements.

Game Releases, Announcements & Other Stuff

Final Fantasy Tech Demo

Okay, so this isn’t a game. It’s a tech demo to show off a new engine.

Meh, here it is anyway because it’s awesome.

New Super Mario Bros/ 2 Box Art

South Park: The Stick of Truth In-Game Screens

Skyrim Dawnguard DLC is scheduled for a June 26th release


We want to post more but there’s a lightning storm going on right now! D: BBL!


Coming Soon:

E3 2012 | Day 3
AnimeNEXT Convention Coverage
Interview with Directors of: Indie Game: The Movie

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