E3 2012 | Day 1 Coverage


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Game releases:

Nintendoland (Will ship w/ Wii U, as Wii Play did with the Wii)

Pikmin 3

Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition


Super Mario Bros. U

Super U: The U-ber Revenge of the U

… and that’s about it for the Wii U. All-in-all a bit of a disappointing day. :\

There were a few titles for the 3DS as well:

Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

.. so with that short recap. We leave you with this:

Coming Soon:

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  • http://www.cyberludus.com/ Notturno

    I didn’t think the Nintendo Conference was disappointing: it was full of great stuff… They simply had to put Nintendo Land at the beginning and then throw the Pikmin 3 bomb at the end!
    Some moments were funny, I love Miyamoto sensei and its humble genius, and Reggie is able to rule the stage, if he wants to. :D

  • Jones

    I also thought the conference was decent. The inclusion of several well established third party titles, including assassin’s creed 3, made me especially excited.

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