PAX Video Interviews | Part 1
Girls Like Robots and Spell Tower


PAX East 2012In between the fun and games of PAX East, Izzy had the opportunity to meet with some beautifully decorated cos players and the creative minds behind the games at this year’s Boston Indie Showcase. In this video, she interviews Pop Cannibal’s Ziba Scott, creator of Girls Like Robots, Zach Gage creator of Spell Tower and a few of the cos players who attended PAX: East.

We did end up having some microphone difficulties so the audio is rough. We are fixing the problem for the next show. :)

Coming Soon:
More PAX: East Interviews!

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  • stellabella

    Girls Like Robots looks adorable!

  • sibo

    I want Girls Like Robots. Can I get those little cards too? :)

  • McPhearGirl

    I can’t wait for the next PAX vid. I wish O could have gone…

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