Snowboarding Games Nostalgic Review


Like many kids growing up in the southwest, I never got to experience a real snowfall, build a snow man, or catch flakes on my tongue. Luckily though, I still got to enjoy a white winter by playing tons of snowboarding games, and thanks to the snowboarding boom of the early 2000s, I had quite a few to choose from. Join as we take a look at some of the best and worst nostalgic games of the genre.

Thanks for watching! :)

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  • Justin

    Looking at A1′s wikipedia page…they clearly put no effort into their company as a whole, let alone their video games.

    • Tamashii

      Interesting! When I was researching I didn’t find this. Apparently they ported several Japanese games from the “Simple 1500 Series” of sports games, and Snowboarding was among them. I’m gonna look into this more :)

  • McPhearGirl

    lol you didn’t even have to control the A1 game

  • Wooooohoooo

    I like how the site is coming along. Keep the vids coming!

  • John Ruiz – GaiaonlineHD

    @Tamashii why keep blocking me im just a big fan who can Hack and might come back each time after Blocking or Banning but to Resolve this just dont block me and message me back?

    • McPhearGirl

      Oooooo.. it looks like you have your first creepy stalker! I think that means you are doing well. :P

  • Nyancat

    Ur really really bad at 1080 XD U can’t even finish the first race? Still, good video. Should have mentioned SSX Tricky though.

  • Yackabuthadooda

    I want moar videos NAO!

  • Arrow2ThaNi

    OMG i had a game by A1 too! It was super bad and in engrish.

  • Jake

    Nice vid, keep em coming.

  • DarkandScary666

    @4:45 – that poor cow :(

    • Wooooohoooo

      burger time

  • sibo

    SSX Tricky FTW

  • HansMaulwurf

    So this is how a video review of old shitty games looks like when its not the angry video game nerd ^^

  • AndrewRoks1998

    I think I have a Billiards game from A1. (which is also crap) Did the disc have a orange and shiny/unpainted checkerboard pattern on it and have a bunch of icons over them with one representing the genre of the game?

    • Tamashii

      Yes, that’s what the disc looks like! I believe you’ve got yourself an A1 games game!

  • Tidus

    Wait what about Snowboard Kids? I had a blast playing those =D

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