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A few months ago, I received a copy of Kirby Mass Attack in the mail from my good friend romaholic over on Livejournal. I’ve been a long time Kirby fan, so I was very excited to get to play his latest game for the Nintendo DS. It’s one of the last games released for the system after all, signifying the end of the DS’s seven year life span, and I am celebrating the culmination of the Nintendo DS by reviewing one of the latest titles in its library. So if you’re looking for a game to hold you over until some solid titles for the 3DS are released, or one last game to extend the usefulness of your old DS Lite, Tamashii at has the scoop on a great game you don’t want to pass up!

Stay tuned for more news and videos!

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  • McMoose

    Cool plushie! :)

  • Herp_Derp

    Awesome Site, love the reviews

    Good Luck with it!

  • Nintendofan481

    like the review. did u get the 3ds yet?

    • Tamashii

      Yes I did, and I plan to make a video about it soon :) Stay tuned!

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