GameBoy Advance E-Reader Review


Long before Nintendo introduced their Augmented Reality cards with the 3DS, they have been experimenting in card reading technology. One of their previous attempts to bring card based mini-games to the gaming market, the Gameboy Advance E-Reader, was such a massive failure that hardly anyone has heard of it. To find out what made the E-Reader such a big flop, Tamashii will dig into the peripheral’s library and show you all the best and the worst of what the E-Reader had to offer.

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  • McPhearGirl

    It’s still not as bad as the Virtual Boy!

  • Robin

    Come to think of it, the 3DS reused a lot of concepts. Virtual Boy’s 3D, Pokewalker’s pedometer, E-Reader’s cards, the GameBoy Camera, it’s like all of Nintendo’s failed projects combined.

  • angel

    i have those cards :D

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