Diablo III Video Review


Diablo 3 ReviewVidyaGirl’s newest reviewer, Kairi dives into the depths of Diablo III answers the burning questions, such as, “Is it worth the purchase”, in our Diablo III review. So check out the video, subscribe to our channel and enjoy the gruesome, gut splattering review.

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Kairi Hale

Sweet Kairi has always had a passion for video games. Since her early start at the young age of 5, she has memorized the name of every Pokemon, finished every Zelda game, and even learned to speak Pikachu. In her free time, Kairi enjoys singing (not very well), obsessing over her outfit, and exchanging sassy remarks with her Italian/Russian family.

Currently playing Zelda: Skyward Sword and Final Fantasy X-2

  • http://www.cyberludus.com/ Notturno

    As I said in my YouTube comment, this was a really deep review! :D
    But I can’t simply copy paste the comment so… let’s write something different…
    I can’t wait to slain some huge demons, even if my PC will probably super lag… It’s not exactly super new… XD

    • Kairi

      Why thank you! I’m glad my first video was good! Be sure to keep watching, and good luck with your PC! Lag is SO annoying. :/

  • 8bits in a pie

    Good review. Very in-depth. I’m digging it.

  • Panda

    Great review!!! =D

  • Izzy

    Such a kick ass review, lady. And so so very true :D

    • Kairi

      Thank you Izzy! can you tell I was nervous? haha! I was SO excited!
      -Kairi :)

  • McPhearGirl

    Nice review. Sometimes brutal, but truthful.

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