Welcome Kairi to the VidyaGirls Team! (Video Intro)


Welcome our newest VidyaGirl, Kairi, to the VidyaGirls team! Kairi will be reviewing games, attending shows and interviewing Independent and AAA game devs, along with the rest of the VidyaGirls team, as we continue to grow our community.

Coming Soon:
Diablo III Review

Kairi Hale

Sweet Kairi has always had a passion for video games. Since her early start at the young age of 5, she has memorized the name of every Pokemon, finished every Zelda game, and even learned to speak Pikachu. In her free time, Kairi enjoys singing (not very well), obsessing over her outfit, and exchanging sassy remarks with her Italian/Russian family.

Currently playing Zelda: Skyward Sword and Final Fantasy X-2

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  • McPhearGirl

    What’s the first game you are reviewing?

    Love your hair! (:

    • Kairi

      Thanks! :) I will be reviewing Diablo III first, but more will follow!!! :)

  • Panda

    So what is your favorite video game platform????

    • Kairi

      N64. Hands down. But the PS2 is a close second. (Consoles.)

  • Pikacutie

    Welcome! :D

    • Kairi

      Thank you!! Love your username!

  • stellabella

    Welcome Kairi! Great to see a new face here. Can’t wait to see your reviews.

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