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Hello all! is setting up to deliver awesome videos about your favorite video games and upcoming titles, along with game-related content on a regular basis. Soon, the site will feature a Pokemon-focused segment called “Gotta Review ‘em All!” as well as video reviews featuring a wide variety of games, both retro and current. Our goal is to entertain you as well as keep you informed about all the different games out there, through funny and insightful reviews. VidyaGirls will soon become the home of a diverse community made up of all kinds of gamers, BOTH boys and girls,  united under one common interest – discovering and discussing new video games.

We are in the Alpha stage and testing various things. If you like what you see, have questions or other comments please post below!


  • Tamashii

    Can’t wait for the launch! I’m so excited to have my videos posted here!

    • VidyaGirls

      Soooooooon! :D

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