The Top 10 Skyrim Mods Video with Bonus Content!


The Top 10 Skyrim Mods Video Review

Welcome to another video from In this video we’ll be discussing, what, at the time of making this video, we believe to be the must-have Skyrim mods for the PC.

Make sure to checkout the detailed mod install guide on our website at We have also provided links to all the mods listed in this video, including the bonus mod and hacks.

Also, backup your saved games! Sometimes mods and hacks can wreck your saved games, though this very rarely happens.

1. SkyUI

Developed by SkyUI Team
Download here: Mods
Replaces Skyrim’s User Interface, also known as a UI, with a PC friendly version. Why was the PC version released with a user interface made for consoles? We don’t know. We were given a tip that it may have something to do with the fact that most, if not all, previews were of the Xbox360 version of the game, possibly a deal between Microsoft and Bethesda.

This UI shows more item attributes in the menu along with adding the ability to easily sort items by weight, value, damage and other attributes.

This add-on is an absolute must have for while playing Skyrim for the PC, check out the detailed write up on for installing this mod.

2. A Quality World Map – With Roads

Developed by IcePenguin
Download here:
This mod is straight forward. The on-screen map has increased details and also shows all roads in Skyrim.

3. No More Blocky Faces

Developed by Xenius
Download here:
Vanilla Skyrim has a graphics problem with some faces coming up blocky on screen. You can quickly patch this using the No More Blocky Faces mod to immerse you deeper into the world.

4. Glowing Ore Veins 300

Developed by Baratan
Download here:
You can hardly tell where the ore veins are in vanilla Skyrim! This mod adds a little pop to the vein textures allowing you to see them farther off in the distance.

5. Realistic Lighting Without Post-Processing

Developed by 747823 and Pluto
This mod dramatically increases Skyrim’s lighting quality without placing any additional strain on your computer’s hardware.

6. Skyrim HD – 2k Textures

Developed by NebuLa
Download here:
Take note! Only high-end computers can handle this mod but it really pays off.

7. 3000 weight cheat

Open the console and type:
player.modav carryweight 3000
This will allow you to carry 3000 stones of weight without increasing your strength. While this is a cheat, most gamers find it annoying to not be able to grab all of the loot from the various dungeons. There is nothing more annoying in Skyrim than grabbing that extra sword to sell and suddenly not being able to run.

8. Wars in Skyrim IV+

Developed by Alexandrox
Download here:
This mod adds additional combat encounters and fights you happen upon while roaming the land of Skyrim.

9. No NPC Greetings

Developed by Cipscis
Download here:
The NPCs in Skyrim sure love to talk. All the time. Sometimes causing you to miss important quest dialogue. Using this mod you can shut them up or fine-tune how
frequently the NPCs will start their idle chatter.

10. Deadly Dragons

Developed by 3JIou
Download here:
The Deadly Dragons mod increases the difficulty of dragon fights by increasing their overall ferocity. As the modder states, “If a giant or a group of 3-4 bandits can take down a dragon, then there’s no need for the dragonborn.”

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