Diablo III Video Review Bloopers


Diablo 3 ReviewWe all herp-a-derp sometimes and here’s video proof! We’ve mashed together bloopers and outtakes from our Diablo III review.

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Kairi Hale

Sweet Kairi has always had a passion for video games. Since her early start at the young age of 5, she has memorized the name of every Pokemon, finished every Zelda game, and even learned to speak Pikachu. In her free time, Kairi enjoys singing (not very well), obsessing over her outfit, and exchanging sassy remarks with her Italian/Russian family.

Currently playing Zelda: Skyward Sword and Final Fantasy X-2

  • Hikler

    Haha, nice….

  • McPhearGirl

    <3 the music

  • Kairi


  • http://diablo3maniac.com Diablo 3 Tips

    when u buy diablo 3 do u have to keep paying every month like in world of warcraft? or do i have to just buy the game and play it without paying again?
    and can u tell me if u can play this game like world of warcraft like dungeans and raids and stuff ? thx

    • VidyaGirls

      No, there is no monthly fee for Diablo III.

      The game can be played with up to four players at a time.

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