Child’s Play Recap and Mass Effect 3 Update


VidyaGirl Izzy recaps the Mass Effect 1 & 2 play-through for Child’s Play where we helped Armed Gamer raise over $4,000.00 for the children’s charity, Child’s Play. Izzy also updates about the upcoming Mass Effect 3 review.

Thanks for watching and commenting! <3

Izzy Arce

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  • McPhearGirl

    That’s very cool about Child’s play and I can’t wait for the ME3 review!

    • Izzy

      McPhearGirl, we’re relentlessly playing and digging into this game to make sure we get you guys a thorough review. Have you played either of the previous Mass Effect games?

  • sibo


  • Wind Runner

    Ooooooh, so happy this was a success :)

    • Izzy

      So are we :)

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