Diablo 3 Blooper

We all herp-a-derp sometimes and here's video proof! We've mashed together bloopers and outtakes from our Diablo III review.

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Welcome our newest VidyaGirl, Kairi, to the VidyaGirls team! Kairi will be reviewing games, attending shows and interviewing Independent and AAA game devs, along with the rest of the VidyaGirls team, as we continue to grow our community.

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Skyrim Mods

Welcome to another video from In this video we’ll be discussing, what, at the time of making this video, we believe to be the must-have Skyrim mods for the PC. Make sure to checkout the detailed mod install guide on our website at We have also provided links to all the mods listed in this video, including the bonus mod and hacks.

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PAX: East Video Recap

PAX East

PAX East is over and Izzy wants to give you the 411 on how her experience went. See what's in store and make sure to check back for more PAX footage and interviews!

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Mass Effect 3 Preview

VidyaGirl Izzy recaps the Mass Effect 1 & 2 play-through for Child's Play where we helped Armed Gamer raise over $4,000.00 for the children's charity, Child's Play. Izzy also updates about the upcoming Mass Effect 3 review.

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Child's Play - Mass Effect 3

Armed Gamer is hosting a Massive Mass Effect play-through and VidyaGirls newest member, Izzy, is here representing We are blasting through the badies to raise funds and awareness for the children’s charity, Child’s Play.
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Welcome to VidyaGirls!


Do you like video games? If so, you're in the right place, because soon VidyaGirls will be releasing tons of video game related content. Our goal is to bring you funny, informative, and entertaining video game reviews, Let's Plays, and more, all from a feminine perspective. You don't have to be a girl to enjoy VidyaGirls though, all you need is a passion for playing.

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gonealphahardcorenumberone is setting up to deliver awesome videos about your favorite video games and upcoming titles, along with game-related content on a regular basis. Our goal is to entertain you as well as keep you informed about all the different games out there, through funny and insightful reviews.

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