Mass Effect 3 Ending

We know you haven't been able to sleep since our Mass Effect 3 review was released absence Izzy's take on the ending and the controversy surrounding it. Did it rock her soul? Does she now consider BioWare her nemesis? In this week's vlog post, she explains her thoughts and asks you to share yours.

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Vlog: We're going to PAX: EAST!

PAX: East

If you haven't experienced Izzy excited before, you've never seen her with PAX East passes in her hands. That's right! Izzy is being unleashed on PAX East to represent VidyaGirls and further explore the world we all love: video games.

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While I was born five years after the release of ColecoVision, and most of my peers proclaim the original Nintendo to be their gateway console, ColecoVision has always been my first video game love. For me, the memory of the two ColecoVisions my family owned evokes a sense of pride and glee in me that can only be rivaled by the rollercoasters.

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