Vlog: Mass Effect 3 Ending Thoughts


We know you haven’t been able to sleep since our Mass Effect 3 review was released absence Izzy’s take on the ending and the controversy surrounding it. Did it rock her soul? Does she now consider BioWare her nemesis? In this week’s vlog post, she explains her thoughts and asks you to share yours. THIS VIDEOS IS CHALK FULL OF SPOILERS!

To Note: This video was made before EA and BioWare announced that they’re coming out with free DLC for an extended ending to ME3. Izzy may revisit this once she can play through the new DLC.

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Izzy Arce

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  • Hojo The Hippo

    Great video! I hope the DLC fixes the endings…

  • Benjamin


    Does your camera have an incandescent lighting setting?

    I personally liked the ending, it was left to one’s own thoughts. Which is good because its spurs videos like this one.

    • Izzy

      Hey Benjamin!

      We’re actually fudging around with the new 1080p camera we got for PAX (eeee!) so we’re still learning all the features.

      Thanks for watching!

  • shnelle

    You are quoting Anchorman.

    I think the Indoctrination theory guys just don’t want to believe the ending. They are in denial. (I am one of these people, it makes me feel better.)

    I didn’t read any spoilers either. It made it more of a sucker punch when I finished it.

    What’s weird is the red color ending is kinda more Paragon then all the others. Controlling the Reapers is basically joining them and accepting their technology. Synthesis is forcing the entire galaxy to become a reaper, since reapers are a mix or organic and inorganic. Destroy rejects all Reaper tech and says we can do it on our own which has been a Paragon theme the entire series.

    Personally for me the main problem is that the ending depressed me so much I haven’t been able to play the single player of ANY of them ME1, ME2, or ME3 again. I want to. I had planned to play a full series play through. But I just can’t when I know there’s no point to it. It’s so depressing. It literally ruined the series for me. To be honest I don’t know if it is fixable no matter what they do. I hope more closure and plugging plot holes will do it. I’d love for the Indoctrination Theory to be true cause it wont change the ending just add to it.

    Also they really did run a very false PR campaign. There are so many quotes out there from interviews and previews that are untrue. The issue of the false advertising hasn’t been addressed by anyone in Bioware or EA. They still have a post up on BSN saying you don’t need to play Multiplayer to get the most ‘complete’ ending. This is totally false.

    I agree that Shepard dieing is fine. The thing I don’t like is that only with one ending do you have the choice of living. I say either he/she dies no matter what or he/she can live (if you do TOTALLY everything) whatever you choose.

    • Izzy

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings, Shnelle. I’m sorry to hear the end depressed you so much that you’re having a hard time replaying the series. Fingers crossed that the new DLC will shed more light on how your decisions effect the galaxy your Shepard exists in.

  • sibo

    The DLC better be awesome or it’s back to Skyrim for me. :P

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